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I am Doug Shain,a 4-time FSWA nominee (1 time winner), and this is my new endeavor -
Bankster DFS. Thank you for taking the time to check me out. Bankster DFS is a
subscription-based DFS service that will deliver content to you via e-mail and a members only
Slack Chat. This content will come from both myself and my team of DFS writers. Every
night you'll get articles sent to you for the various sports we cover. Please make sure to check
out What is Bankster DFS so you can be well informed of how we are vastly different
from any other site in the industry. We pride ourselves on giving you a reduce player pool to
help you narrow down the choices you have to make with your nightly lineups. We help teach
you how we reduce our player pool, why we pick the players we pick, and how you can build
your winning DFS lineups. Our Members Only Slack Chat is divided up into various channels
sport where you can interact with our team of writers and other members of the Bankster DFS

Besides being a DFS writer, I am also a teacher and I think we can use this platform for more
than just sports. I would like to use this service to help the kids I teach; therefore 10% of all
subscriptions will go towards a Donors Choose project to help support the students at my
school. Donors Choose is a site for teachers to help them get various classroom projects
funded. Over the years I've had projects that have ranged from simple supplies like pencils,
to yoga balls, to center activities, all the way up to more ambitious projects such as
Chromebooks and tablets for my students to use in their lessons. These donations have been
considered in my pricing so you won't have to do anything additional to get that taken care of.

What is best about Bankster DFS is that your weekly subscription gets you access to
ALL the content we create. Every MLB, NFL, NHL, EPL, NBA, AAF, MMA, PGA, NASCAR,
CBB, and CFB article and sample lineup that we create will be delivered directly to your inbox.
We also have a Slack Chat channel for each of those sports, as well as channel for WWE,
sports betting, and even grilling (some of our members are avid grill masters). Since this
site launched in late-July, I have added numerous writers besides myself so the content will
always be fresh, plentiful, and from multiple well-informed perspectives. Despite the
massive amount of added content on the site, I have kept the membership cost the exact
same. Your membership also includes other perks like Fanball exclusive RAKE FREE contests
and access to Fanball Radio hosts Mat Harrison and Brian Johnson.

Once you sign up, your weekly renewal will become automatic so service will never get
interrupted. Just click on the "Subscribe" button and you're all set.

Thank you so much for supporting Bankster DFS.

Your Bankster DFS subscription includes daily/weekly articles by our team
of writers for all the major sports, as well as a Slack Chat channel
dedicated to each of those sports. We are HIGHLY active in our Slack
Chat and we love to work with our Bankster DFS community!

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Subscribe now for only $2.99 per week using the Subscribe button. Subscription payments will recur weekly. Credit Cards can be accepted via your Paypal account. Subscription includes ALL the articles that are sent out every day.

If you wish to cancel your subscription with Bankster DFS, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link and canceling your payment. Unsubscribe 
Don't forget to follow me @bankster17 and @banksterdfs on Twitter.


  1. Congrats on this endeavor! Very noble of you to help us all share for such basics that we usually don’t think about as the “non-faculty” crowd. Regardless of different ideas of education or politicized education, kids still need the basics and I applaud your efforts both on the “DFS” field and even more so in the education forum! I’m in!

  2. I learned a lot from you last year at the other website and look forward to more excellent content from you leading me to have another winning dfs football season!!! Kudos on the donations for your class. Great job!!! Sanjay Biswas, Esq.

  3. Just signed up mon..was wondering when the emails come out


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